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Heavy-Lifting-Tower Kräne von Sarens GmbH

Produkt / Dienstleistung für die Kategorie Eisenbahnkräne

Sarens tower cranes, offering a range of 150 to 2.400T/m, are one of the strongest types in the world.

The advantages of the XXXL heavy lifters include:

  • freestanding hook height of over 200m and lifting capacity of 64T
  • maximum hook height of 900m with lifting capacity of 32T possible
  • operating speed up to 200m/min
  • freestanding hook height on rail-going portal up to 90m tower height
  • operation is possible up to maximum 17m/sec wind speed
  • setting of out of operation position within minutes, putting down the jib not required
  • operation up to the tower possible without compulsory radius
  • on foundation anchors no additional space required
  • installation inside building or construction also feasible
  • bracing of the jib at counterweight enables stable operation also in the inner operation range
  • assembly weights of only maximum 28T

 Heavy-Lifting-Tower Kräne  Heavy-Lifting-Tower Kräne  Heavy-Lifting-Tower Kräne | Sarens GmbH - Schienenverkehrsportal  

Heavy-Lifting-Tower Kräne 


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